Howdy, Welcome to the Food Barn!

The Food barn was opened to fulfill the Market’s need for a one stop supply house that can meet the many needs of today’s fast paced restaurant businesses.
When it comes to groceries, frozen vegetables, appetizers, eggs, and dairy, we have what you’re looking for.

In addition, we also have a “ripen to your liken” Avocado program. Just let us know how you want ‘em and we will have them ready for you so that you could have them ready for your customer!

If you’re looking for frozen fruits and vegetables, we have what you need, please stop in to select from our vast assortment of frozen foods.

Take a minute to “mosey” on in and pick up some of our hand selected
“Little Miss Maggie’s” tomatoes that will be sure to have your customers hankering for more!

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